Power Transmissions

Transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials are among the most complex and precise devices in a vehicle. Proper maintenance of these systems is the key to long life. The technicians at Molalla Auto Works can help you determine the correct service intervals and insure that the correct fluids are used to maximize the life of these systems.


transmissionsThe clutch system is often called a clutch package because it consists of multiple parts that work together to engage or disengage the clutch. One of these parts is the clutch disc. The¬†clutch disc is a normal wear component and has a lining (similar to brakes) which wears out over time/use. When it’s time to replace your clutch, remember that Molalla Auto Works uses clutch sets featuring superior components for longer life. In addition, our technicians use precision tools to insure correct disc alignment which prevents potential installation damage or distortion of your new clutch.

Drive Train

The system that transfers power from the power transmission system ot the wheels is the drive train. Components such as; drive lines, u-joints, CV joints and axles do most of the heavy lifting and generally wear faster than the primary drive train components. Molalla Auto works is a great choice when your drive train needs attention. With tools specifically designed for this type of work, our technicians are able to accomplish these repairs precisely and efficiently.